#MedGradWishlist is a Twitter-based mutual aid movement aimed at easing the residency transition from medical school for incoming residents from historically disadvantaged and underrepresented backgrounds.  These populations have been historically excluded from the field of medicine and face different socioeconomic obstacles to achieve their medical education. As members of this field, we are honored to show the next generation of BIPOC doctors that we acknowledge said obstacles and are eager to help change the field of medicine for the better.

Meet the Creators

Jennifer Rubin, MD


Attending Physician

Farrah-Amoy Fullerton, MD


PGY-2 Pediatric Resident

Meet the Rest of Our Team

Email and Administration

Rachel Darko, MD (she/her)


Alana Nichols, JD, MD (she/her)

Terrance Embry, MD (they/them)

Administrative  Management

Monica Burgos, MD (she/her)

Kyshari McCullough, DO (she/her)

Dylan Leach (he/they)

Nkemji Nweke (she/her)

Marc Andrew Hem Lee (he/him)

"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success"

        -Henry Ford

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