#MedGradWishlist is a Twitter based mutual aid movement that began as a way to thank our Black, Indigenous, graduating medical students of color for completing their final year of medical school amidst a simultaneous global pandemic and civil rights movement, and for sharing their stories of resilience as they progress into their respective careers as doctors and surgeons. Over 300+ students registered with their Amazon wishlists last year containing essential items for their big transition to residency: stethoscopes, notebooks and pens, scrubs, and even laptops! Hundreds of new grads have joined in this movement, with a cohort of practicing doctors ready to christen and welcome them into the fold of medical practice with everything they could possibly need and want. With the disproportionate loan burden and income gaps our BIPOC colleagues face, this movement will help mitigate the effects of historical discrimination and disadvantage. 

First year's graduates and their gifts!