Thank You!

How has #MGWL affected your residency transition?

"#MGWL has made it easier to transition to residency financially speaking. There are things that I would have wanted to get before residency, including a new computer, new stethoscope, and housewarming supplies, that would have been extremely difficult to afford before my first paycheck. I am so so so grateful!"

"#MGWL has made this entire transition so much less stressful than it was initially. Many of the items I received were books, a nespresso machine, 2 pairs of tennis shoes for work, a pot and pan set, and bath towels. Items I needed that would have had to take a back seat with the cost of moving. In addition to the items received, the peace, gratitude, and emotional relief I experienced are unmatched. Strangers with more gave to strangers with needs. No questions asked. With the mental exhaustion of 2020 and police brutality, #MGWL restored some of my distrust in many people, especially people within the medical community. Thank you, #MGWL. Thank you for being a force that I didn’t know existed."

- Anonymous Sponsees of #MGWL21

"It significantly decreased the cost of my transition. Moving into my own place, I was starting from absolute scratch. Literally. MGWL allowed me to plan ahead so that by the time I moved, I had a lot of things already set up for me."

"I have all my textbooks, backpack, lunchbox, and most unexpected but so needed and appreciated, a new laptop, to start my residency. I’m so prepared to start residency and it just lifted such a huge burden on how I'd receive these items."

"It has given me a light at the end of the tunnel and provided some much needed joy from lighting to a new stethoscope- it has been so generous and so kind. "

"I see how MGWL has helped other graduates and it makes me so happy to see so many helpful people helping them out. Moving is exhausting and very expensive. For someone who hasn’t had an income for all of medical school, the cost is what scares me the most. Like many other grads, I have a 6 figure debt from med school alone. For established health care professionals to help the newly minted ones is beyond beautiful to see. I will, without a doubt, be one of those established docs helping new grads out. "

- Anonymous Sponsees of #MGWL21